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exit tagPhoto by Steve Stubbs
by Fred Carmichael
Oct. 26 – Nov. 17, 2018
A mystery writer rents a New England house that is the rendezvous point for some jewel thieves. The focal point of the set is the closet which opens into a living room and a library. A body found in the closet promptly disappears only to be succeeded by another. The hunt for the jewels reaches a climax at two A.M. when four couples unknown to each other turn up to search. Not since the days of Mack Sennett has there been such an hilarious series of entrances and exits.


Box office table

Triton Museum – Hall Pavilion
1750 Don, Santa Clara
Oct. 26, Nov. 2, 3, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 2018 at 8PM
Oct. 28, Nov. 4(Sold out), 11 at 2:30PM
Champagne opening- $22
Other performances – $20
Senior and student discounts available
Sponsored by the City of Santa Clara Cultural Commission


 Character:                                Played By:

Lillian Seymour Lisa Kalmanash
Jenny Lisa Burton
Randolph Todd O’Donnell
Helen O’Toole Pat Cross
Kate Bixley Sandy Sodos
Crane Hammond Helena G. Clarkson
Vernon Cookley Steve Corelis
Lyle Rogers Ed Pieczenik
Phyllis Smith Diane Thorne
Richard Hammond Bob Siegmann

Directed by Robert Casillas

Costumes by Lisa Claybaugh

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